We adapt to each request of our clients, making unique creations in each communion photo session.

Communion photography is a precious moment to capture the personality of those children who grow older. It is the end of the most childish stage of his life, more innocent and more tender. Always remembering them like this is priceless, and taking advantage of this is a moment as beautiful as your First Communion is to see in your eyes the illusion and joy.

Do you remember the day of your communion? For children, the day of their first communion is a very important day, full of enthusiasm and fun. But it is not only that day, it is a time when parents live together with their children the nerves and everything that comes with communion, such as preparations, photo report, decoration, costumes and dresses.

In our first communion photo sessions, our team of professional photographers make children feel as comfortable as possible, laugh, have fun, enjoy themselves and have a good time. All this with a natural and typical style of a day as special for children as it is the day of their first communion. In our professional photography studio we have several scenarios on which to do the photo sessions, over time we are creating new scenarios to be updated and always be able to offer our customers the widest possible variety.

We use props and different types of furniture to customize each environment. We adapt to each request of our clients, making unique creations in each session.

If you wish, we move our scenarios or do the outdoor reports, such as in the middle of nature or on the beach, in our work we can also involve the family.

The communion photographers are specialists in taking photographs with personality, very original and different, they do their work with special interest and affection when dealing with children. The objectives of our first communion photographic reports is to photograph the children with their sweetness, naturalness, spontaneity and energy and that the photos of communion convey authentic feelings and emotions. Our photographers capture the elegant side of children by making children feel special and protagonists at all times. The role of the communion photographer, apart from taking the photos, is to motivate the little ones in the house to bring to light their tenderness and innocence of children and to show their true self.

We have different services available for hiring, on the one hand the communion session, which can be before or after the day, and on the other hand, the photo report on the same day of communion.

Because the only thing that remains after the time of communion is the memory we want to make that time an unforgettable time, which remains in memory forever and is remembered with love.

Before performing any service we advise parents so that everything is to their liking. Do not hesitate to ask us for the information you need, we are at your disposal.

Some of our communion reports