Some of our wedding reports

Some of our wedding videos

We offer different services to make your wedding an unforgettable day, wedding photos as you had dreamed.

We are excited about weddings, full of unrepeatable moments, looks and hugs that reach the soul. The function of the wedding photographers of Image Photographers is to tell the story in a unique and personal way, letting everything flow naturally: we stop the time in those moments that are unique and special to turn them into your memories for a lifetime.

In Imagen Fotógrafos we photograph every moment of your link making each one of them special. Our wedding photographers make photographs and videos for weddings so you always remember it. We know the importance of this day in your life, which is why we tell your story from the pre-wedding photo session, following the link and ending in the post-wedding photo session.

In the pre wedding reports we capture original photos, we make the couple relax and enjoy a different photo session that they will remember for the rest of their lives. This session is very important because it is the first contact with the bride and groom before the wedding, this makes the wedding day the bride and groom are not afraid of the camera and are more confident to make the perfect photos.

It is essential to choose a good photography professional for this special day, a wedding photographer who is able to capture the essence of every moment, emotions, smiles, looks, the best of each moment.

Once you are a husband and wife, relaxed, without the nerves of that day, it is the best time to do a post-wedding photo shoot in which the bride and groom really are them. It is the ideal occasion to choose the locations that the bride and groom want and the time at which the photos come out best, depending on whether you want to take advantage of the natural light of the day or not. It can be totally different to the wedding day, for the place, accessories, changes of look … By not going with the time as tight as on the wedding day, the bride and groom will enjoy much more of each photo, with more naturalness and personality .

The artistic wedding photography becomes especially relevant among our services due to its different frames, angles and details. If you opt for some unusual wedding photos, this is your best alternative. In Imagen Fotógrafos we have different styles that will make each photo exclusive and elegant. We do wedding reports both outdoors and indoors, always looking for the ideal time to shoot the camera.

In the wedding photo book, our professional wedding photographers make a compilation of the best photos taken so that the bride and groom have them in their memories for life.

To have more information about our wedding reports, photographs and videos, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist you.