We get photographs capable of moving that make you smile and remember every moment

In Imagen Fotógrafos we take care of making each moment unique and special, especially family moments, capturing each of the moments and feelings that are in full bloom. With our christening reports and christening photo sessions we get photographs that are able to move you, to make you smile and remember every moment.

It is very common for baptism to be the event in which the newborn is presented in society, attended by family, friends and others close to the family of the child. For parents that day becomes especially important, so they make sure to hire professional photographers to take care of making that day unforgettable. Although the most common is that baptisms have protagonists of newborn children, older children or adults can also be baptized, anyone who wants to be a Catholic at any stage of his life.

Parents put great enthusiasm on this day, in every detail such as costumes, invitations, gifts, treats, assistants, etc … In Image Photographers we make all this effort immortalized in our baptism photo session or baptism report.

The baptisms are celebrated around the first month of the baby’s life, they are characterized by the tender and ephemeral moments that take place throughout the ceremony. In our reports of baptisms we manage to capture the illusion, the magical moments between family members, nerves, in short every moment so that parents have the best memories. In the christening photo session our professional photographers take the photographs with natural, artistic and creative style, getting a magnificent christening photo session, totally personalized, as parents wish.

Our professional photographers can start the christening reports at the family’s home, to take pictures of the baby while dressing and preparing all the details and accessories that parents have prepared for this special day. Being at home, if the family wishes we can also take family photos. Later we moved to the church and then to the restaurant. To combine scenarios, baptism reports are carried out both indoors and outdoors, thus obtaining a diversity of photographs of the day of the baptism.

To immortalize your child’s first big event, do not hesitate to contact us. We adapt to you at all times, we advise and advise you on everything you need so that this special day is in memory for life.

Some of our christening reports